Pre and after sales services are an integral part of our total delivery. Inspection of the tires by our specialists at the factory, mine or other places of usage. Outsourcing - service contract establishment for maintenance of the tires.

Our specialists help select the high quality tires optimally suited to the area of exploitation and exert maximum effort and consultation trying to prolong tire usage. Our specialists visit our clients regularly to control the correctness of operating mode. After every inspection our clients receive detailed recommendations, which significantly increase the operating life of the tires and reduce consumer costs.

We are responsible for every tire which consumers had purchased from us. We fulfill the warranty obligations certified by manufacturers of the tyres. Warranty period or certified mileage of the tire are established individually for every enterprise depending on exploitation conditions.

Concluding the service contract our clients gain the opportunity to concentrate on their main activity. We can perform all activities related to safety operation of the tire, boosting mileage running, preventing the equipment downtime caused by tire damage, tire repairs. Modern technologies make it possible to monitor every tire individually, to know it’s unique parameters and to take into account all factors impacting on it’s operating life. We offer our clients to benefit from our expertise in tire servicing. Our experts assist and help you to choose the necessary tools, equipment and metering program, and to organize the properly performance of your specialists for reducing tire costs.


• Increased mileage of the tire using preventive measures and pressure control
• Tire cost reduction based on metering and repair; reduced downtime
• Increased operating safety with OTR tires and increased replacement speed using professional pneumatic equipment, special gels and sealants for mounting, which speed up the mounting and remounting procedures
• Tire frame protection for further restoration


Оur company are cooperating with logistics companies delivering tires on time and speeding up the customs clearance. We provide following services:

Elaboration and coordination of delivery route.

Selection, order and set of loading of necessary rolling stock, maritime vessel freight.

Transportation and shipment paper work: CMR, TIR-carnet, bill of lading, EX-1, licensing and transit documentation.

Planning of loading and unloading operations in places of consignments, transit and arrival.

Port indoor expediting, tires delivery tracking.

Provision of warehousing and consolidation services.

Transport insurance, protection and others.

Processing foreign trade contract.

Correct classification of goods according to custom tariff numbers.

Product conformity certification and declaring.

Custom cost and fee estimation, payments.

Paperwork and preparation of customs documents - contracts, specifications, invoices, packing slips, declarations, technical documents and others.

Processing goods declaration and electronic reporting to customs authority.

Product placement in bonded warehouse and safe custody, ensuring their accessibility for customs officers and other controlling authority.

Custom clearance - examination and survey, without participation of the order.

Goods issue through any custom routine.

Exportation out of customs control zone, and others.